The opening act is a busker cabaret from Bellingham native Strangely: 

Accordion-punk auteur Strangely is the only mime ever to receive a noise citation from the LAPD!

Strangely's award winning, "rollicking, sing-along, one-man, cabaret riot" has delighted sell-out crowds in over a dozen countries (on three continents).

There will be accordions, acrobatics, juggling, bad jokes & bawdy ballads.

Charismatic and Slightly Deranged.
— OutInPerth.Com



The headliner is comedy-magic show “More Bange For Your Buck”:

Enjoy some damn fine magic, served up with a side of humor & attitude!

In this uncertain economy, feisty fringe magician Christopher Bange will buck up your bottom line.

Part mime, part comedian and part wizard... Bange’s blend of physical comedy and magic means that even a simple sleight of hand can be hilarious or mystifying.
— Winnipeg Sun