I have never clapped louder, smiled bigger, or laughed harder during a music performance, and I doubt a future show will come close.
— Rogue Review


Uptown Magazine: Do you believe in magic? Well, even the most skeptical will adjust their spectacles in sheer wonderment of Christopher Bange’s wizardry. An impeccable illusionist, Bange possesses a pair of pick-pocket fast hands. Seriously, Bange is so quick on the draw, I’m pretty sure he could survive a gunfight at the OK Corral. Whether it’s card, coin or rope tricks, his fast fingers will leave you fully flummoxed. Beyond the illusion, what is definitely real is Bange’s performing proficiency and comedic capacity. His goofy personality (and look), arsenal of corny jokes and pet raccoon Rocky will keep you entertained in between the hocus pocus. No matter your age or awareness of the abracadabra, the funniness factor will win you over. All in all, More Bange For Your Buck! is more than your money’s worth of magic.
— Jared Story Uptown Magazine-Rating: “A”
CBC Winnipeg Review 4 Stars : Most Fringe reviews begin with about two pages of notes scribbled on a scrap of paper on the reviewer’s lap. This one-man magic show generated less than half a page. After 20 minutes, I just put the notebook down, for fear of missing any of the tricks. Although, even if you watched Christopher Bange’s hands very closely, you still wouldn’t be able to answer the question: “How did he do that?” Bange specializes in shows with a 19th-century feel (The Medicine Show, the excellent Excursionists) and has flashed his sleight-of-hand skills before. This time, it’s all magic, amiably presented with Bange’s corny jokes and self-mocking asides. The tricks are variations on classic routines. He specializes in making things appear and disappear, from knots to cards to handkerchiefs. In a tremendous extended bit, he borrows a $20-bill from the audience, and even though you know it will turn up later, you’re still surprised when it does. There’s a lot of hard work behind this seemingly effortless romp. After one trick, Bange observed, “That was seven years of my life, folks.” It was time well spent. So is his show.
— Reviewed by: Mike O’Brien