Officially kicking off this Fall as a co-production of On the Precipice Productions and Seattle’s Minion Productions, the Bellingham Fringe Series will present a full season of shows that will pair the best touring fringe-theater artists with local favorites.

In a general sense, fringe theatre is any work done out of the mainstream, with a focus on creating something new and being able to take a chance rather than playing it safe.

For this series, we’ll be presenting fringe festival-style shows, which take that philosophy a step further. Touring fringe shows are:

- Almost all original work

- Short form (usually 60 minutes)

- Easily portable and technically simple, making for a focus on artistry over spectacle

- In any genre of performance art; drama, comedy, clown, sideshow, dance, etc.

- Tested in front of audiences around North America (and sometimes all over the world)

The ‘Music, Magic & Mayhem’ show will happen at

The Firehouse Performing Arts Center, 1314 Harris Ave

Future shows in the series will happen at the new Sylvia Center for the Arts


‘Music, Magic & Mayhem’ is best suited for adults and teens, due to possible adult language and content. But we are not restricting age limit. We’ll leave that to your discretion.

Future Bellingham Fringe Series shows will have varying age limits, based on content.

The Firehouse does not serve alcohol. But it is situated in the Fairhaven district, with many lovely bars and restaurants, and we heartily encourage enjoying a beverage before the show.

Check back on this page for info on future shows!

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Click on the ticket link at the top of this page, or go to bfsmayhem.brownpapertickets.com

We’ll be offering discounts to our friends and followers. To get the discount codes, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Tickets can be purchased at the door without a convenience fee, based on availability.

But purchasing your ticket online is the best way to guarantee you get a seat.


We will be needing front-of-house staff and board operators for our shows. If you’d like to ask about openings, email us at OTPprod@gmail.com

Our series will be presenting fully-formed & finished shows, but should any of our artists be looking for more help, we’ll make sure to announce that on our social media pages.

To express interest in performing in the series, local (Whatcom County) artists should contact On the Precipice Productions at OTPprod@gmail.com.

Touring artists should contact Minion Productions at grant@minionproductions.org.

The Bellingham Fringe Series will pair fully-formed & finished touring fringe shows with local artists whose work is complimentary to the visiting artists’ style.

Touring fringe shows are:

- Self-produced. We are presenting your work you’ve already produced.

- Small cast, technically simple and easily portable. This means they tend to focus on artistry over spectacle. We’ll be providing 90 minutes for shows to load-in and tech their show in the venue.

- Original work. These are not the shows you’d see at your regional playhouse.

- In any genre of performance art; drama, comedy, clown, sideshow, dance, etc.